ABCD Live, version 0.1Beta

ABCD Live is a Linux distribution based in UBUNTU 11.04, aimed at the dissemination of ABCD software (acronym from the Spanish “Automatización de Bibliotecas y Centros de Documentación”) for the automatization of libraries and documentation centers, developed by BIREME ( The main function of ABCD Live is to offer a demo of ABCD in linux which can be tested quickly and easily. It can also be installed in a virtual computer (tested in VirtualBox) or in your PC

For more information on a Live CD, read Wikipedia:

Note: software was removed to a feasible extent in order to reduce the size of the image in the CD/DVD, but the complete version can be downloaded directly from the official repositories in UBUNTU 11.04.

What is ABCD?

ABCD, which stands for “Automatización de Bibliotecas y Centros de Documentación” is an Open-Sourced multilingual Web application for library management including all main functions of a library: acquisition, cataloguing, loans and database administration. It also includes an advanced module for loans called EmpWeb.

What does ABCD Live contain?

ABCD Live contains ABCD 1.2 Beta2, the last ABCD version available to date, all versions of CISIS tools (10/30, 16/60, lind, ffi), and ABCD guides.

How is ABCD used?

  1. download ABCD Live image to your PC
  2. save the downloaded image in a CD/DVD
  3. place the CD/DVD into your drive and restart your PC

Note: your PC should be able to start from its optical disc drive rather than its hard disc drive. In some computers the start process has a “Boot Menu” that enables you to choose the unit from which you wish to start your PC

What to do next? (todo)

  • Make the Secs-Web work
  • Install EmpWeb and MySql
  • Customize ABCD Live environment

ABCD Live’s users and passwords:

ABCD Live’s user is abcd and its password is abcd, this password may also be used to manage the system.

ABCD’s users and passwords:

ABCD - Administration (
User: abcd
Password: adm
Permissions: System Administrator, Database administrator, Database Operators, Loan administrator

User: abcd
Password: dbadm
Permission: Database administrator, Database Operators

User: abcd
Password: dboper
Permissions: Database Operators

ABCD-Public Site (

ABCD-Administrator Site (
User: adm
Password: x
Permissions: Administrator
User: documentalista
Password: doc
Permissions: Content

SeCS-Web - Administrator (
User: admsecs
Password: admsecs
Permissions: Administrator
User: edtsecs
Password: edtsecs
Permissions: Editor


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